Speech Therapy

Our bilingual speech-language pathologists address the habilitation, restoration and/or correction of speech, language and other necessary skills for communication. The goal of speech therapy is to assist children in achieving optimal speech and language skills so they can effectively communicate with others. In addition, treatment for stuttering, pragmatics, orofacial myofunctional “tongue thrust” and voice disorders are served through this department.

Occupational Therapy

Our bilingual occupational therapists work with infants and children who are challenged in reaching their developmental milestones in social, self help and fine motor areas, as well as with children who are having difficulty organizing and integrating information from their environment. The goal of occupational therapy is to help each child participate in everyday activities of their loves, such as playing with other children, dressing/caring for themselves and helping out at home.

Physical Therapy

Our bilingual physical therapists address the movement concerns your child may have. They assess muscle strength, joint movement, gross motor coordination, balance, endurance and motor planning through your child’s age appropriate play. The goal of physical therapy is to maximize your child’s ability to work towards their gross motor milestones and improve quality of movement.